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Panache is moving ahead with the aim to Revolutionize Energy Saving by its Cool Protective Enveloping for Buildings & Industries! Panache has taken a practical approach & developed the Cool Roofs Coating system which is compatible with all type of roofs – flat, slant, corrugated, industrial, residential. Panache also has taken initiatives to provide with quality compliant installation of Cool roofs with best output & justify the value for money worth paid for. Panache’s Cool Roofs are based on IR Reflection Technology – they reflects the IR Rays as such in atmosphere; stops the heat generation at the surface itself, thus reducing heat emission in the atmosphere as well transmission of heat indoors. 1470757279
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Panache provides a ready to use highly effective silane based exterior water repellent, designed for the treatment of penetrating damp in walls. They are suitable for brick, stone and masonry walls. Our products protect against rain, damp and frost damage. Our exterior water repellent is fast acting and lasts, is easy to apply and prevents water penetration while allowing trapped moisture to escape. 1470757351
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Roof is the area from where maximum crack development takes place due to increased rate of expansion & contraction as a consequence of extreme temp variance & variance in workmanship. This ends in water leakage & hence corrosion of reinforcement and thus deterioration of the construction before time; renovation cost, maintenance cost. Roof Waterproofing from Panache gives the range of products protecting the roof from water leakage & weather resistance. Roof Waterproofing provides complete system for protecting the roof from water leakage at various places & for various applications. Roof Waterproofing also has the specialty of providing complete system for any problem with technical backups. Roof Waterproofing From Panache Provides With The Unique Products: Hi Seal Bond – PU based waterproofing coating (For Fabric) Hi Seal Slurry – Waterproofing Liquid ( used with cement) Transeal – Water repellent for roof (horizontal surface) Hi Ce-Pack – Admix to add with cement mortar (strength, waterproofing & crack prevention) 1470757322
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Corrosion of metals is the natural phenomenon that takes place slowly, silently and continuously by certain reactions in presence of air & moisture, due to this reaction the oxide formed by oxidation does not firmly adhere to the surface of the metal and flakes off easily causing “pitting”. Extensive pitting eventually causes structural weakness and disintegration of the metal. Corrosion occurs in the presence of moisture. For example when iron is exposed to moist air, it reacts with oxygen to form rust. Millions of dollars are lost each year because of corrosion. Corrosion also leads to the aesthetic destruction by flow of iron rust; the reinforcement in the building structure is also prone to get corrode and lead to structural damage and reduce the life of structure. Corrosion Care Segment Of Panache Provides With Rust Dissolve Rust Inhibitor Rust Converter Rust Protective Primer Rust Protective Coating Rust Protective Lacquer 1470757397